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Fee Schedule


Initial consultation is free.

Budget Preparation

$250/hour after the initial consultation.

Full Financial Plan

$250 for a basic plan, $250/hour for more complex cases.

The planning fee is reduced to $100 if the client hires me to manage up to $50,000 and is waived if the money equals or exceeds that amount, or if they purchase a commissionable product such as life insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, or a variable annuity.

Registered Investment Advisor Discretionary Portfolio Management Fees 1

Assets Under Management 2,3,4Equities/Mutual FundsBonds
First $99,999.991.20%0.75%
Next $150,000.001.10%0.70%
Next $250,000.001.00%0.65%
Next $250,000.000.85%0.60%
At or above $750,0000.70%0.50%

  1. Any client assets which are under the control of Amidon & Petersen Financials LLC as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) will never be charged a commission either on the purchase or the sale.
  2. Discounts may be offered for grouping of accounts on a referral or related family basis, for those who have been long term loyal clients, or for those who are charitably inclined.
  3. TD Ameritrade collects a $25.00 fee on all bonds purchased away from TDA’s trading desk and booked into the account.
  4. Where possible, any mutual funds purchased are No Transaction Fee Funds (NTF), but where an NTF Fund is not available to meet an objective, TDA will charge a $24.00 transaction fee.