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Douglas Petersen

Douglas Petersen

Managing Member


From 1977 through 1989 I was the manager of a $40 million Day Trading Portfolio, for Connecticut Bank & Trust (CBT) and its successor, Bank of New England Corporation (BNE). 


Portfolio Manager

While at CBT/BNE, I assisted the portfolio manager in trading for the bank's $1.5 Billion investment portfolio. 



CBT/BNE: Manager of syndicates to bid on new issues of municipal bonds throughout New England, with up to 40 members, including such firms as Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, Tucker Anthony, and First Albany. My underwriting liability limit was $100 million. 



Head Trader, Compliance Officer, Sales and Administrative Manager: From 1977 through 1989, while at CBT/BNE, in addition to the head trader, I also filled the roles of being the Sales Manager and Compliance Officer. Later, after the early 90's collapse in the bank environment, I moved to Merrill Lynch where in five short years, they asked me to help in the process of moving the firm from the traditional transaction oriented brokerage to that of providing fee based financial planning services. Before the 2001 downsizing at Merrill Lynch, I had functioned as Administrative Manager in the Great Neck, Long Island, Washington DC, and Albany, NY offices. The Administrative Manager was responsible for overseeing all the activities of all the Financial Consultants in the respective office or complex of offices. 


Financial Planner

In each organization, Merrill Lynch, CBT/BNE, or HSBC, I dealt with customers and helped provide both Individual and Business Financial Services. I helped businesses plan and strive to meet a variety of cash management and investment needs, and helped individuals with budgeting, portfolio management, tax and estate planning. 


Investment Banker & Financial Analyst

As the Underwriter with CBT, I performed the functions of Investment Banker and Financial Analyst when I worked to package new issues of bonds and consulted with the lawyers in the preparation of Official Offering Circulars for Initial Public Offerings of Municipal Leases. I was among the first in New England to create Municipal Asset Backed Certificates of Participation, which provided clients with better control over their cash flow, allowing for a single return of principal rather than small amounts being returned on a monthly basis.